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We build completely custom trailers, so the price of each unit depends on the owner’s specific choices throughout the entire unit.

Spacecraft trailers are heavier than most due to our custom welded chassis, molded fiberglass ceiling & roof, and hardwood throughout. All other choices will impact the overall weight as well. (for example, countertops, floor coverings, battery systems, generators, appliances, etc.)

A reasonable, average dry weight per foot for the platforms is:
450 lbs./travel trailers
500 lbs./5th wheels
600 lbs./semi trailers

We generally will add around 4,000 lbs. for personal belongs, which can be adjusted for specific needs.  Example: A 40’ 5th wheel would be expected to have a dry weight of approximately 20,000 lbs. (500 lbs. x 40’) and a gross trailer weight of 24,000 lbs. (dry weight + personal belongings).

We are available for tours Monday – Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM. We can also provide tours on weekends if special arrangements are made.  We can accommodate unannounced visits, but it is best for everyone if we schedule an appointment and better understand your needs prior to your visit, so we can tailor your visit and make the best use of everyone’s valuable time. Contact us to schedule a tour.

We are a small business and a low production manufacturer, which allows us limited attendance at shows each year. Our typical show schedule consists of the following shows throughout the year:

January – Tampa Super Show (usually 2nd full week of January at Florida State Fair Grounds)

February – International Independent Showmen’s Association Trade Show (carnival & circus industry usually the first full week of February in Gibtown, FL)

October – National HDT Rally (usually the middle of October at Kansas State Fair Grounds in Hutchinson, KS)

This is one of the hardest concepts for us to communicate. Spacecraft will literally start with a blank piece of paper and draw your dream. We can move slides, walls, windows, counters, drawers, doors, steps, just about anything you can imagine.

We generally tell people we can do anything within the parameters of regulations, imagination, budget, and physics. We accept drawings on paper, graph paper, home software programs, markups of floor plans and adjust from there for things like plumbing (e.g., water lines and vent pipes), electrical runs (e.g., floor up & ceiling down), appliances, furniture, etc.

Since we are full custom, we sell directly to consumers.

We do not provide direct financing but have several finance partners that can work with you to finance your build. The timing of our payments is as follows:

Deposit 1 – $10,000 reserves a production slot

Deposit 2 (Design Deposit) – 25% (less initial deposit) due 8 – 12 months prior to estimated delivery date. We work on all trailer design aspects and finalize all documentation (e.g., floorplan, cabinet drawings, checklist, invoice, etc.)

Deposit 3 (Order Deposit) – Additional 25% due 5 – 6 months prior to estimated delivery date. Formal change control begins, we order materials, and production starts.

Deposit 4 (Production Deposit) – Additional 25% due when roof is installed prior to leaving for paint, usually 5 – 6 weeks prior to estimated delivery date.

Final Payment – Due upon completion

We start with your initial design ideas, which you provide either verbally or visually (digital or hand-drawn). We provide limited floor plan design as part of our initial process to make sure your idea is possible or tweak the idea into a feasible plan.

Upon receiving Deposit 1, we dive into more detail and work to finalize the floor plan – and look at integration with the basement and roof.

Upon receiving Deposit 2, we begin the final design process with cabinet drawings, as well as basement, roof, and side view drawings if necessary.

Upon receiving Deposit 3, the design process is finalized, and any changes must be completed through a change control process.

1. We start with the custom welded chassis, based on your floor plan and any custom needs for example:

  • Custom holding tanks
  • Custom generator placement
  • Toy strategy or placement
  • Pin placement

2. Buildout of floors and walls, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC

3. Ceilings and roof, lighting & venting

4. Cabinets and slide-out rooms

5. Basement, doors, and windows

6. Custom Exterior Paint

7. Final Production: caulking, awnings, satellite, solar, etc.

Chassis – 10-year limited warranty

Molded Fiberglass Ceiling & Roof – lifetime limited warranty

Interior Craftsmanship – 2 year limited boot to bumper

Components – individual warranties for individual items (e.g., TV, refrigerator, oven, etc.)