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What does “Factory Direct mean to me?

It means you save money!  You deal directly with the manufacturer, Space Craft.  We save you the “middleman” or “dealer” markup.  That is how Space Craft’s price for a custom built trailer is comparable to that of an assembly line trailer.  When placing your order for a new Space Craft trailer you are not a number on an assembly line.  Your name is associated with the trailer throughout the planning and production of the trailer.  Want to find out more? Contact us today!

What does “Custom Design” & “Handcrafted” mean to me?

Space Craft offers true custom built trailers.  What exactly does that mean?  Space Craft can start with a blank piece of paper and design a trailer to meet YOUR needs and lifestyle.  We have thousands of floor plans that you might use as a starting point.  You may “cut and paste” as you find necessary.  You may also like your current trailer, but want to make changes or increase the length or maybe it is no longer being built.  Space Craft can design that floor plan.  When custom building your trailer, each cabinet inside is customized to YOUR specifications.  You need a cabinet for your bread machine, sewing machine, photographic equipment or room for your pets; Space Craft will create that space.  When other manufacturers tell you “No, that is not possible.” Space Craft says “Yes, where shall we place that?!”  If you can imagine it, Space Craft can build it. Just check out some of our product pages to see what we mean!

Want more information about our AMAZING custom trailers?

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